What happens during the first appointment?

We will have a comprehensive look over your health background and lifestyle. I will take some initial parameters of where you are now to assist in goal planning & making a personalised action plan. You will receive targeted advice and specific steps to move forward. After our consult, I will send you the relevant information, resources and recipes.

Note: If you’ve had a recent blood test, you may also bring in a copy of the blood test results and I can have a look at any results that might be relevant to your appointment (but not necessary for you to have a blood test and/or bring in the results).

What happens during a follow-up appointment?

We will review how you have been managing and I will make adjustments and progressions as necessary. I will retake the baseline parameters (if relevant to the appointment). I will build on to the knowledge I gave you in your first appointment, as well as help you to implement strategies that can be adapted to your lifestyle. I don’t want to overload you with too much information too soon, so the follow up appointments are the opportunity to further educate and empower you to progress to reach your health goal.

General Health

The General Health service is for those looking to fine tune their diets and see what areas need improvement to help their body get what it needs to properly function and thrive! This is done through making sure that you are meeting the nutrient requirements of your body, fine tuning your diet to be more nutrient dense, evaluating portion sizes and macronutrients and meal timing.

Weight Loss**

I believe that weight loss (fat loss) shouldn’t just be about getting results. A lot of weight loss methods get results (in the short term, through unsustainable methods). I believe in a weight loss approach that is maintainable to keep that weight off long term, as well as meeting your body’s nutrient requirements in the process. I believe in a weight loss approach that educates you on the “why” and “how” so that you are empowered to make healthy decisions for the rest of your life. Unlike many other weight loss methods, I do not believe in allowing yourself to go hungry or feel starved! I am excited to help people in this area because my approach is much more than weight loss. It is a complete lifestyle change, which impacts your entire wellbeing.

The Kickstart Challenge**

Kickstart your health journey with this 5 week challenge! Fad diets don’t work long term. You need to change your lifestyle.

What are you waiting for?!


-Initial consult (valued at $129).

– x5 WEEKLY follow up consults; body fat analysis and weigh in and coaching (valued at $295; 5 x $59).

– Meal plan, shopping list, recipes (valued at $110).

-Weekly email following on from the consult, with encouragement, tips to help keep you on track and a progress report of your results.

-Before/After photo (optional!)

Valued at over $535. You pay just $330!

Gut Health**

A healthy digestive system is vital to support the proper functioning of associated organs and physiological processes that it provides the nutrients and energy for. There are a lot of factors that can lead to poor gut health but fortunately there are also a lot of things that can be done to improve it.

Chronic Disease Management**

Chronic diseases such as pre-diabetes, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are greatly impacted by your diet and lifestyle. I will educate you on the changes that you can make to your diet and lifestyle to better manage these chronic conditions. As well as better managing these conditions, it is possible for the symptoms to improve, when adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle long term.

Pregnancy health

Being the healthiest version of yourself is important for all stages of life. A lot of people believe that they eat a relatively “healthy” diet while missing out on vital nutrients that their body needs to properly function and thrive. A big part of having a healthy pregnancy, is not only making sure that at your baseline, you are meeting your daily nutrient requirements, but that you are adjusting your dietary intake to your changing needs depending on the stage you are at (pre-natal, trimester 1/2/3 or breast-feeding). I will help you implement lifestyle changes to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet that is meeting your nutrient requirements, as well as educating you on the necessary changes you will need to make to adjust to your body’s changing needs.

Food Diary Analysis

Are you getting the right fuel for your body?

Low energy?

Are you damaging your body by missing out on vital nutrients?

Get your diet professionally analysed to see if you are meeting your body’s nutrient requirements.

You will get a comprehensive analysis of your diet including which nutrients you may be lacking in.

(For this service, send me an email/enquiry and I will give you instructions on how to proceed. No face-to-face contact with this service. You will receive the instructions & report via email).

Health Check

(*or free with every initial consult)

-Body fat analysis (segmented body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, metabolic age)

-Body measurements

-Blood pressure

-Analysis of your results within the recommended healthy ranges for your gender and age group

-Identify early signs of health issues.


If the area of interest, related to nutrition, is not covered in the specified consults mentioned above, then please select “other” when booking an appointment and leave a comment regarding what your main purpose is in booking a nutrition consult. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form regarding what nutrition service you require and I can elaborate on what I can offer you for your specific needs.

**Weight loss results will vary between individuals. Gut health & Chronic Diseases are complex and results will also vary between individuals.