Do you offer health fund rebates?

Yes, with the following providers; Medibank Private, AHM, Australian Unity, ARHG & NIB. You will be provided with an invoice containing my provider number following your appointment. It will be up to you to take the invoice to your provider to obtain your rebate (check back soon, more health funds to be added shortly). *Please note; no Medicare or BUPA rebates available.

How many appointments will I need?

It depends on the person and where they are starting from. Most people I would recommend at least one follow up appointment but you will receive lots of information and guidance to get you started if you were only after an initial appointment.

What if I want to target more than one “service” in my initial appointment?

I can advise you on more than one “service” during an initial consult (for example, weight loss & gut health). It is quite common for someone to come in with more than one area of nutrition that they would like help with. However, it means less time spent on both. If you are after more than one “service”; simply select your priority in the booking form and add a note of what other service is also of interest to you. If you have any further questions, feel free to send me an enquiry.

Would I be better off having a weight loss consult or doing the Kickstart Challenge?

That depends on the person! The Kickstart Challenge is unique in that I will be giving you a specific meal plan to follow, I will be seeing you for 5 continuous weeks to help keep you accountable, to track your progress and to help you to navigate any obstacles that may come up along the way. My clients have found the weekly coaching I provide to be a huge factor in helping them to achieve their goals, as well as the weekly progress report. The Kickstart Challenge is for those who are committed and ready to make some significant changes and prioritise their health and weight loss goals. Weight loss consults are more personalised to you, making changes specific to your current diet and eating habits and building on to that. I will still take your measurements during a weight loss consult and compare it with any subsequent visits. If you’re unsure still, you may book a weight loss initial consult and we will discuss the options further during your appointment and based off of your needs/goals I will help come up with a recommendation for you.

Do I have to pay for the Kickstart Challenge upfront?

The Kickstart Challenge is a packaged program, so yes, the payment is to be made during your initial consult. During your initial consult, we will book the 5 follow up appointments (or at least as far ahead as you know your availability). If during the Kickstart Challenge, your availability changes, we will simply reschedule that consult (for in the same week).

Does the Kickstart Challenge cater to different dietary needs?

Yes! The Kickstart Challenge can accommodate a vegetarian diet or lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to late cancellations taking up a booking time slot that could’ve been used for someone else, I charge a small $30 cancellation fee for cancellations made within four hours prior to appointment start time. Otherwise, I am very flexible and I am happy to reschedule appointments for you, with more notice.