“It’s a lifestyle”. You may have heard that phrase before but haven’t really reflected on what that means. In regards to weight loss, I often hear of people that have tried countless fad diets, even lost weight with them, only to put it all back on and then some. To lose weight & MAINTAIN it, there is no quick fix, no restrictive fad diet that will give you long lasting results… you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits.

It brings me great joy to hear my clients say that they have finally made changes they feel are sustainable for them and are happy to do so as they feel better overall eating a healthy balanced way (that still allows them to indulge in their favourite foods in a healthy way). Maybe you’ve tried so many restrictive diets that you now have a poor relationship with food or feel overwhelmed & like giving up on your desire to have a healthy lean body. It is not hopeless, you can do it, it will take effort still but I will be here to guide you through all of the confusing & conflicting info out there and to help you start making progress towards your goals!