I completed my Bachelor of Health Science, Nutrition Major at the University of Adelaide and became a member with the Nutrition Society of Australia. I started my working career in Geelong at an Inpatient Rehab Centre, helping patients on their road to recovery.

I have also worked for a few years as a Nutritionist with the Victorian State Emergency Services in Melbourne. I was in a team of Nutritionists and other health professionals. My role involved visiting the SES units across Victoria, delivering health checks, health informative public talks and individualised dietary advice. I was also on a team of Nutritionists that delivered food diary feedback and nutrition phone consult services, to guide SES members to improve their diets, lifestyle and to reach their health goals. We had great success with the SES members who took our advice!

My time spent working with the SES and the experience I gathered, inspired me to broaden my nutrition clientele and start my own practice; Nutrients Matter.