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Weight Loss

I will give you tools to aid in weight loss. I will empower you with information regarding how to achieve long term sustainable weight loss. I will show you how to achieve weight loss while not depriving yourself.

General Health

Analysis of your dietary intake and a comprehensive look at what areas need improvement for your body to properly function and thrive! This is done through making sure that you are meeting the nutrient requirements of your body, fine tuning your diet to be more nutrient dense, evaluating portion sizes, macronutrient distribution and meal timing.

Life Span Nutrition

The nutrition requirements of your body will change throughout your life. Different life stages that demand different amounts of nutrients and portion sizes include; age range, pregnant and breastfeeding women, workload and activity level.

Hi, I’m Marie,

(pronounced Mar-ree). I’ve had a passion for nutrition for as long as I can remember. I have a Bachelor degree in Health Science, majoring in Nutrition and I am a member with the Nutrition Society of Australia.

I’ve had years of experience helping people to achieve a healthier lifestyle and reach their health goals through my work with the State Emergency Services (SES). This involved analysing individual diets and refining them, delivering health checks and talks, and advising not only on how to reach personalised health goals but also taking in to consideration various health backgrounds and challenges.

After working as a Nutritionist for the SES, I decided to start my own business in 2019. I have loved being able to help my clients with their individual nutritional needs and working with them on, not just the theory but the implementation of that, so that it becomes a lifestyle!

I understand how impactful a poor diet can be on all aspects of your wellbeing, that’s why I have such a passion for helping people to achieve an optimum level of nutrition and therefore an optimum level of health and vitality. After all, Nutrients Matter!

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3/36 Esplanade, Somerton Park, SA 
No walk ins, by appointment only.
Servicing Glenelg, Brighton, Hove, Seacliff, Marion, Oaklands Park, West beach, Plympton, Edwardstown and any suburb of Adelaide.
Online consults are also available. Contact me for more details.

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